The terroir of a particular place refers to the fingerprint that nature gives to its products. It is the people, the environment, the soil, the climate and the small nuances that make the character of a place unique. In the wine world, the terroir is easily one of the most important and influential components that help to make a wine. It envelopes vineyards and grapes and is the very essence of the character of the wine.
Our product line Terroir by Alexandra Manousakis consists of extra virgin olive oil and sea salt and serves as a showcase of Cretan nature; a showcase of Crete’s unique and unforgettable terroir. 
Every part of our products’ packaging and of course, the product itself, is as local as it can be. Each bottle for our olive oil and jar for our sea salt is handmade by a local ceramist. What better way to support the local economy and convey Crete’s one of a kind environment and what grows in it? It doesn’t just stop there. A percentage of our profits are donated to ELEPAP of Chania, a school for children with special needs. We have been committed to helping this worthy cause for years and hope to add more to this line so that we can help even more children with special needs.